DIY Miracle Remedy For White Teeth In 5 Minutes

White teeth is one of the most desired things, both for women and for men.  I will provide you a miracle remedy for white teeth just in 5 minutes. Is very cheap, easy to use it and the results are great. I know that method is less usual, but you will obtain good results guaranteed. You need only one ingredient! Let’s find out what is the miracle ingredients.

White teeth in 5 minutes

Ingredients: 3-4 capsules of activated charcoal

Procedure: Put the activated charcoal in a little bowl. Wet your toothbrush and soak it in the charcoal. Wash your teeth like usual. Rinse very well your mouth. While you will wash your teeth don’t be scared that they are black, because they will become very white. I think this is an amazing method to have white teeth. I use this method and I am pleased by the result. Do not repeat this very often. I recommended to use it once every two weeks.

First of all, you should know that not all  types of coal are effective (like barbecue coals)  By from pharmacy a medicinal coal, named activated charcoal and then use it for oral hygiene! It is in any pharmacy, such as tablets or capsules.

Charcoal is a material with porous  texture and has an abrasive effect. Typically, charcoal is used to treat indigesti and is considered a true natural dressing for the stomach. But charcoal has a property that few know. It absorbs tannins, pigments that are found in purple fruits (like berries) or drinks such as tea, coffee or wine, substances that are to blame for tooth yellowing. The coal has the advantage of being cheaper than other whitening methods, it is less toxic and does not cause irritation of the gums, in contrast to the whitening method with hydrogen peroxide.