How To Get Rid Of Blackheads In 5 Minutes With Homemade Strips

Blackheads are a problem both for women and men. They are very unpleasant and they appear all the time, especially on the nose. Today I will teach you how to make homemade strips in order to get rid of blackheads. This recipe for homemade strips is very simple to make it and you need only two ingredients.

Blackheads strips from the market are very expensive and this recipe is a great and cheap substitute with amazing results. You should definitely  try it and will get rid of blackheads in 5 minutes if you follow the instructions step by step.

Homemade blackheads strips


  • 1 tablespoon of milk
  • 1 tablespoon of gelatin powder

Get rid of blackheads in 5 minutes

In a little bowl, mix well the gelatin powder and the milk. Put the bowl in microwave for 10 seconds.  After 10 seconds, apply the mixture on your nose or on the other areas with blackheads. You can apply the mask using your fingers or using a spatula. The main idea is to apply a thin layer. If you apply a thicker layer, it will take more time for it to dry. After the strip is dry, is ready to be removed from your face. You will notice that this homemade strips will remove the blackheads like a normal strip from the market.

If you don’t have a microwave, I suggest you another solution with the same result. Pour some water in a pot an heat it. Put the bowl with the mixed ingredients in the water and mix well. After that, you can follow the same instructions.

Personally, I’m very pleased with this recipe and I prepare it every time I want to remove the annoying and ugly blackheads. I recommended this mask to my mother and my grandmother and they are very happy that it worked. Good luck!