How To Choose The Sweetest Watermelon

You can never be sure what a watermelon can hide inside. You can see the exterior, but when you buy it, you never know if it is sweet or not. Only when you cut it you will discover if it is a good of a bad surprise. However, there are some tricks that will help you to chose the sweetest watermelon.

Aspect – watermelon has to be firm, symmetric and with big stripes. Small scratch are good. The peel’s role is to protect the pulp. The color has to be dark green.

Heavy – the ripest watermelons are the heaviest, because the ripest contain more water. So, when you chose a watermelon, has to be heaviest than you imagined.

White sign – turn the watermelon on the other side and study the bottom of it. The bottom has to be dark yellow. If this area is white or light green, the watermelon was picked too early and should be let to ripen. So, if you want a sweet watermelon, choose the one with dark yellow bottom.

From now on, knowing these tips, during the summer time you will eat only sweet watermelon.