Castor oil comes from the seeds of a plant grown in India in Asia, Brazil and some African countries. Oil is tasteless and very dense. Castor oil is used mainly for skin care and massage (diluted with another oil). Because it is very strong, castor oil should be used only in very small amounts. Because this oil can not be preserved for long, it must be purchased in small quantities. I discovered the castor oil  benefits in high school and since then I use it  every week.

– Treatment for hair: This natural treatment is indicated especially for dry hair . Heat a half- cup of castor oil then apply it on wet hair ans massaging gently the scalp for a few minutes . After this use with a comb with rare teeth and move it through  hair several times . Then soak a towel in hot water , and wrapt it around your hair. Keep it about 15 minutes then wash your hair with shampoo in order to remove the oil . The result will be a shiny and silky hair.

– Treatment for skin: If you have fine wrinkles around the eyes or on the neck ,you can dimish them by using castor oil every day . This oil can also be used to soothe freckles or spots of color from the face . All you have to do is to massage the affected areas with a little oil every night.This oil can be used with jojoba oil to cleanse pores and remove blackheads . These two types of oil are mixed in different proportions , depending on the type of skin. For normal skin is a mixture of 1/4 castor oil , and 3/4 jojoba oil for skin and fat , 1/3 castor oil , 2/3 jojoba oil . You can add a drop of lavender essential oil to soothe the skin.

– Treatment for dark circles: Mix the  castor oil with some coconut oil and massage the affected area under the eyes with this solution until it is fully absorbed into the skin. This treatment can be repeated every day.

– Treatment for lips: When lips begin to lose their color , you can use a solution resulting from a mixture of castor oil and almond oil . Put this mixture on your lips every night, before to go to sleep.

– Treatment for eyebrows and eyelashes : Mix in a bottle some castor oil with some lemon peel ( be carreful beacause lemon can irritate your eyes). Leave the solution to stand in a dark place for several days. Use the mixture every night before you go to bed, by puting little oil on eyelashes and eyebrows with a Q-tip. After a short time you can observe that they will become more ticker, durable and longer.

– Treatment for hands : Apply a layer of castor oil on your hands by massaging gently,every night. To have the desired effect, wrap your hands in gloves. This oil will moisturize your skin and will leave your nails shiny. Also this product can be used to treat the dry or chapped skin from heels, knees or elbows.