Sugar Waxing – No pain waxing

To be woman is hard, and waxing is one of the hardest things. Many women do not bear the pain of a classic waxing and end up by using shaving blade of depilatory cream, but this kind of waxing has many disadvantages.  One of them is  that the hair grows faster and you have to remove it very often.

In this article I will provide you a new method of waxing: sugar waxing. Sugar waxing method is very cheap, you can easily use it at home and the great advantage is that is NO PAIN WAXING.

If you are tired to shave shave your legs all the time, to bear the waxing pain or to spend money at cosmetic salons, it’s time to try sugar waxing.

Ingredients for sugar waxing

– 2 cups of sugar

– juice of 1/2 lemon

– 1/2 cup of water


1. Mix all the ingredients until the sugar is melted and you obtain a syrup.

2. Put the recipient (pot) at boiling at medium heat

3. Mix all the time until the syrup start to boil and transform in a yellow-brown cream

4. Leave the mixture to cool until have honey consistency

5. Apply the obtained sugar wax on you body and start waxing.

The sugar wax can be preserved, heated again and used, like an usual wax.

The benefits of sugar waxing

– sugar waxing is not harmful for skin like other waxing methods because the sugar do not stick on the skin, it sticks only on the hair.

– sugar waxing can be done easily at home, in intimacy and is less painful

– sugar waxing is cheap

– sugar waxing guarantee you a soft skin with no hair for 5 weeks

– all the ingredients are natural and contain no fragrances