5 Morning Habits That Are Making You Gain Weight

You have not eaten fast food and sweets for a long time, you are doing exercises regularly and trying to lose weight, but weight does not disappear. The reason of not losing wieght could be morning rituals. Here’s what mistakes you make in the morning that are making you gain weight.

1. Overslept – When you sleep too little, your body increases your appetite. But when you sleep more than 10 hours a night your body increase the mass index.

2. You prepare in the morning, still on the dark – open the blinds or windows as soon as you wake up. Waves of blue light in the morning stimulates your metabolism and helps your body to wake up.

3. Do not make your bed – A study in the United States revealed that people who make the bed in the morning, they have a better sleep overall. A healthy sleep is important for a healthy weight.

4. You forget to weigh yourself – daily weigher is an effective technique that helps in weight loss. Morning weight is the closest to reality.

5. You eat too little at breakfast – A balanced breakfast should contain 600 calories from lean protein, carbohydrates and dessert.

It seems that sometimes when you don’t have any idea why don’t lose weight, even you make sport and eat healthy, you do some little mistakes that can have big effects on your body.