Signs of Too Much Acid In Your Body And How To Alkaline It

A lot of physical problems and diseases occur due to increased acidity of the body. Most of people who live in the industrialized cities, suffer from these problems due to lifestyle and diet that increase acidity in the body. Acidic bodies are diseased bodies, depleted of minerals in organs and bones, that are used extensively to remove acidity.

Minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium arrive at a very low level, and troubles caused by this lack of minerals are often discovered too late. In order to fight against these harmful effects of increasing acidity in the body, we should consume more alkaline foods.

Problems that cause high levels of acidity in the body

– inflamed gums

– caries

– insufficiencies of immune system

– problems with sciatica

– stiff neck

– respiratory problems

– cough

– fungal Infections

– chronic fatigue

– disorders of the circulatory system

– heart problems

– arrhythmias

– increased pulse

– gain weight

– obesity

– diabetes

– kidney failure

– bladder disorders

– premature aging

– nausea, vomiting

– diarrhea

– osteoporosis

– fractures

– headache

– confusion

– insomnia

– joint pain

– muscle pain

– allergies

– acne

How to improve the level of alkalinity in body:

– regularly check the pH

– drink plenty of water (alkaline water if possible)

-eEat less acidic foods

– replace lunch with a large salad

– eliminate processed foods

– eliminate soda, sugar and coffee

– drink teas

– replace the locks with almond or coconut milk

– consume juices or smoothies made with green vegetables.

You don’t realize which foods are alkaline or acidic by the taste

For example, many people consider lemons an acidic food. In fact, they are alkaline. Calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium are the main alkalizing minerals. Foods that contain these minerals are alkaline.