6 Hair Washing Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You’re Making

Perhaps you wash your hair every day, huh? Well here’s something that might surprise you: you may do something wrong and you don’t realise it. Yes, you read right, there are big chances to wash your hair wrong. The use of incorrect techniques can adversely affect your hair, you can split it and many times can make it fall. Here’s what you need to know to protect your hair while washing it

First, soak your hair

Do not put shampoo or conditioner on the dry hair. Make sure your hair is well watered before applying shampoo / conditioner. Hot water opens the cuticle, which has the effect of removing dirt and remnants of hair cosmetics. In addition, the scalp starts to release the oil.

If your hair is long,  first apply the balm

The first step it’s not to shampoo your hair, if it’s long. A little bit conditioner before shampooing helps to maintain health the ends. In addition, the conditioner will go into any hole in the cuticle which will bring extra shine.

Shampoo only the scalp

There is no need to shampoo your hair, just the scalp only. Only the hairs closest to the scalp and oily and therefore require more cleaning.

Do not brutalize your hair

Be gentle with your hair and scalp. Otherwise the hair cuticle can be affected and, because of this, you can lose a lot of hair. Wash your hair as you wash the most delicate parts of your body. Without brutality, easy.

Do not repeat rinsing

No need to do it, you have to be aware that too much washing will cause hair damage.

If you can, finish with a cold shower

Cold water helps to close the cuticles, helping nourish the hair, which means that it becomes extremely bright.