5 Hairstyles That Make You Look Skinny

The way you arrange your hair can be very important if you want to look skinny. In this article I will present you 5 hairstyles that make you look skinny. I sure that from now on, you will stop making errors and your hairstyle will  always advantage you.

The change can be very small, but everyone will notice the effect. Find out the most important tricks that make your face to look skinnier.

A suitable hairstyle can be the first step for a new look, when you try to get rid of extra pounds.  Make sure that you highlight the changes in a positive way.

Hair path on one side ( see image)

Hair path on the middle of the head can add volume even on the models face. In order to look skinny, it is necessary to pick a hairstyle with hair path on one side.  The hair strand from the forehead will highlight the cheekbones, not the cheeks.

Haircut in stairs ( see image)

If you choose a haircut in stairs you have many chances to look skinny. The secret of this haircut is that hair strands to be positioned below the jaw. They will hide the extra volume from the neck.

Volume on top of the head ( see image) 

Another way of stretching the face and to  hide the extra weight,  is the top volume hairstyle. When hair is arranged  with volume on the top of the head, people are tempted to look there. Also, the round face will look oval.

Long and straight hair ( see image)

If you avoid the curls in the cheek area, you will look skinny. When you have straight hair, you’ll make you look taller and skinnier.

Short hair with long bang ( see image) 

The bang on one side is a haircut that highlight in a positive way many women. A long bang on one side will make you look very chic and skinny.

5 Hairstyles That Make You Look Skinny