5 Diseases Treated By Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are famous for their aromatic flavor. They are used in many delicious recipes, but they also have many therapeutic proprieties that you wouldn’t think about. Let’s find out how healthy bay leaves are and what are the diseases that they treat them.

1. Bay leaves combat digestive diseases

Bay leaves are a powerful remedy when you face with digestive problems. They stimulate the process, increase your appetite and combat fermentation. Chew 3 bay leaves every morning, evening and night when you have nothing in your stomach. Repeat this procedure every day, for one month. and will see that you will get rid of your digestive problems. When you have stomach ache caused by too much food, eat again bay leaves.

2. Bay leaves against head ache

Prepare a composition using 4 bay leaves, an orange peel and 1 l of water. Leave the ingredients for 4 hours. Drink this composition instead of water, when you have the stomach empty. You will see that your head ache will disappear. Also, this composition is a great remedy. Also, this remedy helps you to restore quickly after you suffered migraines or convalescence.

3. Bay leaves combat articulations ache

Bay butter is part of many ointments, especially for  the one for relief the pain occurred in the case of arthritis. Also, the  bay leaves tea is a great remedy for this problem. Its therapeutic proprieties are known for treating the chronic rheumatism, nerve disorders and oral diseases.

4. Remedy for hoarseness

You can treat your hoarseness by preparing a composition using 10 bay leaves and a cup of hot water. Leave the obtained liquid to cold, and then do gargle with it. Repeat this treatment 3 times per day and will see great results. Is is also effective for gum infections.

5. Remedy anti-varicose

The bay oil is a great remedy against varicose. Prepare your own bay oil by mixing a glass of crude oil and a bouquet of chopped bay leaves. Leave the composition 6 days. After 6 days,  you can massage the affected zones with this oil.