4 Cellulite Treatments That Doesn’t Work

Cellulite is a major problem that bothering 90% of the American woman.  Companies have leveraged the market demand to cash-in by offering several cellulite treatments products. The spiralling frenzy around cellulite made women spending thousands of dollars on such products even when the economy was sinking.

Most of them are affected by the “orange peel” or “grape bunch” texture on their hips. It is caused by changes in fat cells that survive in between collagen fibers – the latticework of your skin. Fat cells rupture and sag between collagen supports leading to the dimpling effect. Genetics, is also a reason to cause cellulite among women. Here are some of the treatments that you shouldn’t rely on much.

1. Creams – Hundreds of commercial creams are thronging the market that promise quick results for cellulite. But we recommend to wear a skeptical-hat before you buy any of these promises. The primary things that a product needs to address are the fat, dense collagen, and circulation, however, there’s no topical product that addresses all three.

2. Brushes – Cellulite is affected by circulation issues, however brushes the skin superficially does not improve circulation. It is too far-fetched to believe, any brush would help in treating cellulite. Similarly, massages, wraps, and therapeutic touch remedies do not address the situation at its core rather skims on top of the concern and possibly could make you feel better.

3. Roller-suction treatments – The devices available claim to suck out the skin and improve blood circulation, thereby, improving the condition. Although, the effect is more temporary than a long-term fix. Also, the type of device, settings, patients’ condition and many other parameters play a significant role in affecting the results.

4. Liposuction – Many people would consider liposuction as a remedy to cellulite. But ironically, liposuction is a procedure used to sculpting and contouring the body by taking out the troublesome fat, which can cause more dimpling.