Symptoms That Shouldn’t Be Ignored During Pregnancy

Many women feel different kinds of discomfort while they are pregnant, but there is a limit after which the discomfort should be taken serious. Even if most of the pain is quite harmless, there are some cases that should alarm the mother and make her seek medical help so as to prevent any spontaneous miscarriages.

Read on and see what symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored are:

  1. Fever

If the temperature is more than 37, 5 and there is no other sign of a cold, call the doctor as soon as possible. High fever is the sign of an infection, and this is the last thing you would be needing. More so, fever in the first quarter can lead to malformations.

  1. Stomach pain

Sharp stomach pain are signs that should be investigated further. It can be caused by an indigestion or intoxication, but just as easy it could mean something more serious. Side stomach pains are signs that announce a premature birth or miscarriage.

  1. Bad vision

If your eye sight gets foggy or you start seeing lots of light spots, you should ask for a consult as eye problems can indicate eclampsia.

  1. Swollen feet and hands

This is a rather common condition, but you should be alarmed if it happens all of a sudden and it looks serious. Besides this, if they are accompanied by headaches and eye sight, they can indicate more serious health complications.

  1. Spotting

This is one of the signs that needs to get you to the hospital as soon as possible as it may indicate a sudden miscarriage.

  1. Pelvic pressure

If pelvic pressure appears before 37 weeks of pregnancy, this is not normal and it needs medical consult.

  1. Difficult breathing

If you have problems breathing, chest pain and cough with blood, you need to get to a hospital.