Side Effects of Cucumbers You May Not Know

Cucumbers are among the most popular vegetables because of their refreshing proprieties. They contain water more than 96 percent and cools and refreshes the body. But do not forget the proverb that says that anything (yes, anything!) that is too much, causes you harm. Of course, it is the same for cucumbers. Excesses of this vegetable produce side effects such as allergies and bloating.

1. Diuretic Effect

Cucumbers acts as a natural diuretic, that encourages the production of urine. When we eat in moderation, they are helpful to combat fluid retention. Excesses of cucumber, however, can promote dehydration.

Pregnant women know very well how necessary are sometimes diuretics and cucumbers are a good solution in these cases. A portion of a one or two of cucumbers per day are harmless and facilitates urination.

2. Toxic reaction to cucurbitacine

Have you ever wondered why cucumbers have a bitter taste? Cucurbitacine’s specific taste is due to a toxic substance in high concentrations. In general, when the cucumber is bitter, you have to eat less of it. The highest concentration of cucurbitacine is found in stem and shell, so you can prevent potential toxic reactions removing more the bottom and peel of cucumber.

3. Bloating and indigestion

Cucumbers favour belching, bloating and indigestion, all due to the contained cucurbitacines. In addition, abundance of fibers can cause flatulence or worse the diarrhea already installed.