These Common Habits Damage Your Kidneys

We all know that kidneys are responsible for filtering toxins from the blood and for balancing water or mineral in the body. However, there are people who simply do not give enough importance to these organs and that is why can occur different health problems that can affect all your body. In this article you will read about some of the bad habits that destroy our kidneys every day without realizing it!

You take too many medicines: this bad habit seriously affect the kidneys, reducing their functions. The consequences can be fatal for the body

Drinking too much coffee (3-4 cups of coffee per day is already way too much): drinking too much caffeine can increase blood pressure and may even lead to kidney failure appearance.

Untreated banal colds: if you do not treat this simple disease, you will fulfil your kidneys with toxins.

Maintain full bladder for too long: extension of time to go to the toilet increase the risk of kidney failure.

Low water consumption: water keeps our body hydrated, so this habit is usually very beneficial for the functioning of the kidneys. By consuming too little water, your kidneys can not remove toxins from the body.

Regular consumption of salty foods: excessive consumption of table salt will overload the kidneys. I know it is difficult to avoid salt because it is present in many foods, but try at least not to add it in the already salted food.