The Reason You Should Avoid Going To The Toilet During The Night!

Nighttime is the time your body gets to rest, to heal and restore itself after a hard day at work. Sleep helps you wake up feeling better, having your cells working overnight in order to insure you get to be in great shape. During this time your muscle regenerate, your memory is improved and the hormones responsible for your growth and development are restoring themselves. You need those 8 hours of sleep for the best results.

And while sleep is so important, there are cases when you cannot enjoy it fully, feeling the need to pee more than once during the night is one of them.

Going to the toilet various times during the night is not normal and it should not be overlooked as it may indicate various health issues.

Happening on a regular basis, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

Various studies have come to the conclusion that women are more likely to feel the need to pee during the night.

This can be connected to growing old, because age has an impact on the functionality of all human organs. As it grows old, the body produces less hormones that are responsible for water retention. Thus, the quantity of urine increases. At the same time, the muscles of the bladder are growing weak and this increases the urge to pee as often as possible.

Other causes that lead to this are different bladder infections, excessive liquid consumption, coffee and alcohol. Some of the more serious reasons are however: diabetes, heart and kidney problems.

Pregnant women cannot avoid the toiled during the night because of the changes that happen in their body.

There are however a few ways to avoid going to the toilet during the night if you don’t suffer from any of the issues mentioned above.

  1. Avoid drinks before bedtime. Have your last glass of water or juice at least 2-3 hours before going to bed.
  2. Take care of your feet. If your feet have the tendency to get swollen, take care of them before going to bed. When you are in a horizontal position, your body absorbs the liquid that is in your feet and sends it to your kidneys, which increase urine quantity.
  3. Fix your internal watch. Teach your body the sleep hours and it will get used to it in time, sending the information to the organs that they should get some rest as well, kidneys included.