Genius Tricks To Clean Shower Curtain

Your bathroom is the place in your home that has the perfect environment for bacteria development in peace and undisturbed. It’s not only bacteria that benefits from the humid and warm bath atmosphere, mold is yet another guest that appears uninvited. Do pay attention to your bathroom and dedicate at least half an hour every week to clean and disinfect it and keep it bacteria free.

You may consider there are places in your bathroom that have never crossed your mind as being dangerous, but are in fact the ideal dirt paradise.

Your shower curtain is one of these places. Every time you shower, some of the dirt you are washing off manages to get on the shower curtain and stays there after you leave the shower. Every day there are new pieces of dirt that get there and after a while the entire shower curtain is taken hostage by bacteria.

The material from which the curtain is made is also a good surface for all kinds of mold to get attached and grow on.

Still, there are natural tricks that are cheap but effective that help you protect the health of your family and keep your shower clean.

Most shower curtains can be washed in the washing machine with the kitchen towels, but if you fear it will not survive the washing, try spraying it with a mixture of water with baking soda. This mixture does not require any rinsing, as it will leave the curtain by itself and the baking soda will kill the bacteria, prevent any new one from getting attached.

Do not ignore your shower curtain as it is an object that comes in touch with your skin at a very delicate time: when your skin is clean and your pores are open from all the hot water.

Keep in mind there are countless ways bathroom bacteria and mold can affect your health and keep your house clean and safe.