The Reason You Should Avoid Black Underwear

Did you know the best underwear color is ultramarine blue? And the worst one is none other than black?Studies have revealed that underwear color are very important for your emotional health and influence the way you are feeling during the day. Each color sends out vibrations of different intensities. You cannot see them, but they penetrate through your skin, invading your mind and body.

This is why choosing the right underwear will affect your mood.

Miranda Kerr is famous for saying: Get yourself some nice and flirty knickers to keep your husband close, and have a pair that will lift your mood and make you happy.

The reason why underwear color is receiving so much attention is explained by the fact that the most important chakra is localized somewhere in the area of the belly, very close to the knickers.

The only colors that don’t vibrate are black, white and grey.

More than this, black is not the sexiest color for underwear because it cancels all energy, it’s merely a thing sales people say to sell their product.

Red is considered to be the most passionate color because it stimulates all senses and increases arousal.

Light blue and pale pink are the colors that help you sleep better because these colors are very relaxing and soothing.

Underwear is a very important part of your outfit because it can make you feel more powerful, focused and happy.

Next time you go for a job interview try wearing some ultramarine blue underwear. You will feel relaxed and confident in your powers and knowledge.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that the same logical reasoning for colors applies to house decoration and your personal wardrobe.

Be careful what colors you chose to surround yourself with and see how they all influence your mood and day!