How To Naturally Humidify The Air In Your Home

The dry air in your house is something that affects you all year round and most of the times during winter. Due to the heaters that dry out the air, you breathe a lot heavier and your skin dehydrates a lot faster. To avoid these, you can use one of the natural methods to bring back humidity in your home.

  1. Wet clothes. When you wash your clothes, let them dry inside the room, this will bring water vapors in the house.
  2. Apartment plants. Plants purify the air and keep it humid through the process of leaf transpiration. One of the best plants for home humidification is the Boston fern.
  3. Vases and special recipients. You can find special vases and recipients in the market and they are specially designed to be hanged above the heaters. The heat makes the water evaporate and the water vapors humidify the atmosphere. It is an easy step to obtain a home with lots of breathing air.
  4. Take a shower with your doors open. When you are taking a shower leave your door open so that the water vapors get inside the house. Be careful if your bathrooms has any mold because then, the mold germs will manage to find their way inside your rooms at the same time with the water vapors. This is dangerous and will put your health at risk. At no time is it ok to have bathroom mold.
  5. Turn of the heaters. If you feel your room gets overheated, it is time to turn off the heaters. Even if it is not hot, try to use the heaters as little as possible. Get yourself a blanked instead of heating your room to such extend that there is no air to breathe. If you can’t turn off your heaters consider opening your windows for a few minutes daily.