Personality Test: Pick A Door And See What It Says About You

Lately, all sorts of personality tests have become increasingly popular among the people who want to learn more about their own characters. It is the curiosity to discover something new that is fueling the desire to answer all the answers from such tests. The test we are going to present to you today is a simple one, you merely have to choose a door that is appealing to your heart and read on about the meaning of it. You will discover what the doors represent and read about the reasons that made you choose a specific one:

  1. Blue door- the color blue is considered to be the favorite color of intelligent people. It is highly probable that you have a high IQ since this door attracted you the most.
  2. Yellow door- if this was your choice, you are a happy person, one that is spreading joy and you are a welcoming host.
  3. Grey door- this door is associated with sincerity, with honest people that don’t hide facts and are not afraid to speak their minds.
  4. Black door- this door means you are a mysterious person, one that likes to play with the imagination of those around.
  5. Red door-this is the door of the people that live their lives with passion, that like paying attention to their hobbies and enjoy having fun.
  6. Purple door- the purple door is usually chosen by artistic characters. Creative people are attracted to this color most of the times.
  7. White door- psychologists claim white color is appealing to calm people, people that are peaceful and content with themselves.
  8. Pink door- if you chose this door from all the other options, you are a person that likes gossip and that loves to talk about all kinds of trivial things.