Hold Your Hand in This Position…You Won’t Believe What Follows

You may look at your hands and not see beyond them, but truth is, your hands hold the secret to numerous active points that give you power over your body and mind. You can do amazing things with your hands.

Your thumb is responsible for anxiety and headaches. If you are experiencing a headache, try to hold your thumb for 5 minutes and you will feel relieved very soon.

The forefinger controls muscle pains as well as feelings of disappointment, fear and embarrassment. Patients with back and muscle pains feel better after a cycle of reflex therapy. Clutch your forefinger with your other hand for 5 minutes.

Pressing your middle finger during moments when you feel annoyed, angry and tired will decrease blood pressure and calm you down.

All your negative emotions and sadness will leave you if you gently press and clutch your ring finger for 5 minutes. Just remember to keep calm and watch your breathing.

Your little finger is going to help you get rid of stress and negative feelings as well as low self-esteem. Massage it for 5 minutes and think of something nice while doing it.

Your palm is as well full of nerve endings, as well as being the center of your feelings and emotions. Research shows that regular massaging of your palms will help prevent nausea, stress, diarrhea and constipation. Massage your palm in circular motions, pressing the fingers of one hand to the middle of the other palm.

Palms pressed to each other are often used in meditation as it helps concentrate and put your thoughts in order. By pressing the palms together you can improve your blood circulation.

Remember the finger functions and the way they can help you improve your well-being next time you feel tense and sick. By pressing the right points you can feel like a new person.