If You Solve This Test You Are A Genius – Intelligence Test

We love to challenge our intelligence and try to solve different intelligence tests that have conquered the internet. We love the feeling of certainty and feel better about ourselves when we manage to solve mysteries that may confuse the smartest people. This is why we want to challenge you to a new test! A test that is tailored only for smart people. Try it and share your opinions with us.

You have discovered by now that it’s not your mathematical knowledge the one that is assuring your success in life, but it’s attention and other observational senses. You don’t need complicated theories to solve the test but you need to be really good at logical reasoning and own a very developed observational spirit to solve the test.

What does the test consist of? Discover the principle for the formulas bellow and explain how it is possible for 8+2 to be equal to 16106!

Do you find it easy? You need to know the test has raised lots of questions and started numerous talks among the mathematicians during the past weeks.

Get your pencil ready and see if you can solve it!

The solution:

To get to the right answer you need to multiply the two numbers that are in front on the “=” sign (5*4=20), then you need to add them (5+9=9) and then you need to subtract them (5-4=1), thus getting to the final result of 5+4=2091.

We sincerely congratulate you if you managed to solve the test that is bringing genius people forward. Don’t be discouraged if you did not see the principle of the exercise. The most important fact in this is to have woken the desire to challenge your attention and you have accumulated the necessary experience for future tests.

Amuse yourself and present the test to your family and friends!