What Does It Mean When Your Fingers Hurt

The fingers represents fine endings of the hands. In psycho-energetic terms, are terminations of our actions, details of the actions or the way we act. Each finger represents a different depth, or a specific phase, that we “decode”  it using meridian energy that ends or begins to respectively finger.


It is the finger when the Lung Meridian ends. It is the toe of protection, defense and reactivity in relation to the outside world. Children illustrates this very well when they say “Stop, I don’t want to play in this moment”  and then suck their thumb when they need to be “sure”, to feel protected

Is the finger of outside security, the protection, the defense, but can also be the finger that shows sadness.

In all cases, trauma (wounds, cuts, sprains, burns) or pathologies (rheumatism, arthritis) are in connection with these protection needs.

Index finger

It is the finger of large intestine meridian. Represents the protection, but in the sense of resentment eviction, meaning expulsion them. This makes it the finger of authority, prosecution or threat. It is the fingers used to directs and to indicate the direction.

Tensions and sufferings are related to the need for elibaration,  in the sense of no longer keeping any emotion inside. This finger can express pain and excessive tendency to give directions or authority.

The middle finger

It is the finger where Master Heart meridian ends. It is the finger of inner structure, of internal governance and sexuality . It is the finger that represents satisfaction of living event and the action over other people, the result of which brings us satisfaction.
Tensions manifested at this finger can be interpreted as dissatisfaction to some events, to difficulties in feeling pleasure.

Ring finger

It is the finger where Meridian House of Triple, Union, Cohesion and Assimilation starts. It is the finger whew you put the engagement or marriage ring. Injuries or pathologies at this fingers can indicate our difficulty to unite in us or around us, to create coherence between our parts and all parts of our life, in order to give meaning ti life.

Little finger

It is the only finger where two meridians meet – Heart Meridian and Intestine Meridian. It is the finger of fineness, of the emotional, the elaborative, but also of thesuperficial, the appearance or claims.

Tensions felt at this fingers mean the need of exteriorisation and be an emotional or a tendency toward superficiality or subjectivity.