The Most Important Rule When You Use A Condom

Condom is one of the most widely used contraceptive methods in the world and it is important to stay in that way. The reason? It is the only method that protects against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and prevents them from spreading in the body. In this article you will find out the most important rule when you use a condom.

When it’s important to use a condom? 
The only condition is to be used even before the both partner’s genital areas get in contact, recommends Dr.Mirela Popa, primary gynecologist and specialist in the information and education campaign on contraception and sexual life ” Planning the Unpreparedness”. However, it is very common for a condom to slip or break during sexual intercourse, or to be  punctured before use.

What can happen if the condom breaks?
Studies show that one of three couples who use the condom had at least one situation when the condom failed. In these cases, the condom not only loses its effect in front of the BTS but also leaves the way for a possible unplanned pregnancy. If the condom fails, the solution to avoid pregnancy is to take the second day pill. You can find it at the pharmacy and you have 72 hours to use it.

So, the most important rule when you use a condom,  is to use it before genitals touch each other, to be sure that you didn’t break it when you open it and in case if the condom break during sexual intercourse to take the second day pill in maximum 72 hours.