How To Get Rid Of Dark Elbows

Most of us are guilty of overlooking taking care of our elbows during our pampering sessions for the simple fact, that elbows are not that important in our day to day activities. Unfortunately, over time, this leads to damaging their appearance, which can make our image seem sloppy.

The alarm signs that indicate elbows should be taken care of, are truly disturbing and ugly: they may seem darker and the skin could start to peel off.

We have put together an article that will help you understand why your elbows have the tendency to get darker and what is to be done in order to prevent this from happening.

Why? Elbows tend to get a darker than the rest of your body due to negligence. While the rest of our skin enjoys scrubs and hydrating lotions, elbows just seem to gather dead skin that is rarely noticed until it’s too late.  Elbows, pretty much as knees are very flexible and this makes the skin in these areas have a different structure than the rest of the body.

While dark elbows or knees are not connected with any health issues, their overall aspect does little good to a pretty lady.

How? Just how to you get rid, or prevent your elbows from changing color?

Exfoliate and hydrate. These are long term actions that will not do any overnight miracles, but are great at preventing dark colors.

But if you got to the point when you need to take more action, the good news is there are a lot of homemade remedies that can help!

  1. Coconut oil: an excellent remedy for whitening that has even more benefits, such as hydrating it. So, don’t skip massaging your elbows with a bit of coconut oil every time you exit the shower. For faster results, use up to 3 times a day.
  2. Lemon juice is great if you are trying to whiten your skin. Just massage the juice of half a lemon and leave on the affected area for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water, and repeat procedure up to 3 times a day to see amazing results.
  3. Use sugar as a scrubber and see how your skin is changing colors right in front of your eyes! Prepare a mixture of sugar and olive oil in equal quantities, massage your elbows for 5 minutes. Wash with warm water and hydrating soap. Repeat the procedure until you are happy with the result.
  4. Baking powder is yet another amazing thing you can use easily! Mix a teaspoon of baking powder with a spoon of milk and massage gently the dark area of your elbow. This will make your skin change colors in a few days.
  5. Aloe Vera. This plant should have its place in every household, because of its amazing and versatile uses. Aloe Vera juice does wonders for a great deal of issues! It heals, hydrates, whitens and even calms down burns. It is your skin’s friend, and can help get rid of your dark elbows in less than a week. All you have to do is apply the gel on your skin and leave for about 20 minutes, rinse afterwards. Repeat a few times per day and say good bye to dark elbows!