How To Check If Eggs Are Still Fresh – Eggs Test

Eggs are a very common and healthy food with many proprieties and present in any house. Smell or the appearance of furry usually helps check if food has gone off, but eggs need a different checking. Their shells protect any bad odor from escaping, and cracking them open is not always helpful.

The trick for checking their freshness is cost-free and pretty easy.

You only need a bowl of cold water!

Simply place the eggs that raise suspicions in the bowl and observe them for a few minutes.

Depending on how fresh an egg is, there are 4 different ways it will behave.

The freshest egg will lie at the bottom of the bowl, resting on its side.

The egg that is one week old will tilt to an angle, having its pointed end downwards.

Two-week old eggs will float with their pointed end at the bottom, this time in an upright position.

Rotten eggs will simply float to the top, making it clear they are no longer good for consumption. You should toss them in your bin without further hesitation so as to escape any food intoxication that will ruin your day.