How To Remove Fish Bones Stuck In Throat

A good meal seldom comes with unpleasant surprises but you should be informed and prepared in case anything happens. Fish is a great source of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, but it comes with a few risks. The biggest risk when enjoying a fish meal is to have a bone stuck in your throat, but if you try to avoid panicking and remember a few tricks, you will be fine in no time.

Remember to stay calm if you feel a fish bone remaining in your throat, as panic will increase the level of discomfort you will experience.

  1. The first and usually the most effective method to remove any stuck bone, is to cough as hard as you can. Coughing will push the bone out leaving your throat clean.
  2. Drink salty water. Prepare a mixture of salty water and drink it with big gulps. This method helps remove tiny fish bones from your throat.
  3. Fresh bread does wonders when removing fish bones. Bones usually get stuck to the bread and leave the surface of the throat easily. You may consider spreading a bit of peanut butter on the bread for better adherence.
  4. Olive oil. Warm up a few teaspoons of olive oil and drink it. This method has a double effect: it will make the throat slippery, thus making it easy for the fish bone to leave its place, while curing the possible damage it had on the throat tissue.
  5. Sticky rice. Boil a teaspoon of rice and swallow it when it cools down. The sticky texture of the rice will capture the bone, regaining freedom for your throat.
  6. A bite of banana can prove to be an equally effective method to remove fish bones. Take a bite and keep it for a few seconds in your mouth so it moistens, be careful not to chew it. Slowly swallow it and feel the fish bone leave your throat.
  7. Almonds and nuts. If you have any almonds or nuts handy, chew them really good and then swallow them. The texture of the mixture will force the bone to change its position and will later on be easily removed with the help of water.
  8. Following the same technique as rice, marshmallows are really helpful due to their sticky texture. You should only be careful to chew on them just enough for them to get sticky. Pay attention to the quantity, too many marshmallows may cause choking.
  9. A trick that traveled all the way from China, is vinegar. It softens the bone, sometimes even dissolves it. Still, if you feel this method is not working properly for you, you should consider giving it another try with a different trick presented above.