6 Ways to Look Thinner Instantly

Many women try to slim, by taking diets, making sport and other methods. But, you have to know that you maybe make some mistakes that make you look fat. Also, it’s time to find out that you can trick the eyes and learn 7 ways that make you look thinner instantly.

There are many ways to look thinner, the way you wear your clothes, your make-up etc. Be smart and apply these tricks.

 6 Ways to Look Thinner Instantly

1. Stay straight – This is the simplest trick to look thinner and confident. Your position contribute to the way you feel.

2. Change your hairstyle – You can make small changes to your hair and make a real difference. An elegant ponytail will make you look slim and taller. Next time when you go to the hair salon, ask your stylist to show you various hairstyles to wear them on special occasions, but also at home.

3. Wear heels – Flats and sneakers are great if you walk long distances, but if you want to look thin and sexy is necessarily to wear heels. Find some comfortable shoes that make you look taller.

4. Wear your size – If you want to look thinner and with more confidence  you must be able to wear your clothes. Clothes that are too small will look like you do not feel comfortable, and the bigger ones will remember your weight.

5. Pretend you have a perfect abdomen- Most people do not have a perfect abdomen, but you can always hope to get it. You can wear special lingerie that cover the unwanted kilograms.

6. Wear more layers of clothes – To look thinner, try this trick: wear a longer shirt and  put over another one shorter.