Tips And Tricks To Revive Your Favorite Plants

Houseplants are amazing! They make your house prettier, are great for cleaning up the air and make a great present for anyone you care about! Unfortunately, they make up a really sad picture when they start to shrink and wither away. It is really sad to see a plant full of life and color disappear in front of your eyes.

Don’t be too quick to throw away your favorite plan when they start showing signs of exhaustiont! There is still hope to see burst to life and bloom again sooner than you could expect!

We have researched the best ways to bring them back to life, so as you can enjoy their presence for a little more time!

For the miraculous plant cure, you will be needing just three ingredients: a banana peel, a few teaspoons of coffee ground and two eggshells. Put all the ingredients in a blender and add a bit of water, mixing them together.

The coffee grounds are rich in lots of nutrients that your dying plants will be thankful for, while the banana peel is packed with the necessary life sustaining vitamins. Eggshells bring calcium, which will enrich the soil, making it easy for the plan to get all the required ingredients to come alive!

Spread the resulting mixture around the plant, water it as usual and see it come to life in front of your eyes!

Just make sure to give them the proper amount of water and sunlight as required by each species. Keep in mind there are plants that need all the sunlight they can get in order to live, while there are others that may get sun burnt and die faster.

Get informed about your plant’s water, temperature and light preferences so as to give them a personalized care. These are all very important and vital for the welfare of your favorite plants!