Supplements That It’s Not Healthy To Take Them

Whether we suffer from anemia, spasmophilia, or if we have other vitamin deficiencies, doctors recommend us besides food, different supplements that compensate for the deficits detected in our blood analyzes. However, vitaminizing pills are not a good solution, says Lorraine Maita, a New Jersey scientist at the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. A study made at this academy have shown that there are five vitamins that people unnecessarily take them in pills form. Moreover, some of them can be very harmful to the body.

We always hear that calcium supplements are crucial for our health, especially for the bone system. Doctor Maita claims that this is just a myth. “The latest studies show that calcium supplements do not reach the bone as we want, but instead can cause calcification of the arteries and soft tissues, increasing the risk of heart disease,” Maita says.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E, which is know that lower the risk of Alzheimer’s, cataracts or even cancer, may, on the contrary, increase the risk of cancer. One study shows that a daily dose of 400 IU (the recommended dose is 22 IU) increases the risk of cancer. Another research has shown that the risk of illness is higher for women and men that take vitamin E supplements.

Iodine should only be taken under medical supervision. And that’s because there are people recommending buying this supplement from herbal stores. This mineral is most often associated with thyroid gland problems  because it is a key component of hormones produced by the thyroid. Too little iodine or too much can cause the thyroid to become less active, a condition known as hypothyroidism.

This mineral helps in the formation of hemoglobin, an important component of blood that helps to transport oxygen from the lungs to the body. It is also necessary for good cell function and for hormone synthesis. However, you need to take such a supplement only when you have confirmation of your blood tests that you suffer from anemia. Otherwise, if you know you do not have this problem, and the multivitamins you want to buy contain iron, better looking for a product without this mineral. Too much iron can cause inflammation of the liver and can oxidize, destroying cells.