Your Nails Shape Reveal The Truth About Your Personality

Did you know that your hands and fingernails reveal a lot about your personality?For centuries, they are the true indicators to your character, and by learning a few things, soon, you could read into the personality of those around you, with just a glance at their nails.

There are 9 types of nails that divide personalities, and learning their traits could make you an expert in „reading personalities and nails”.

  1. Vertically long nails. People whose nails are rather slim and long, are famous for their romantic characters. They hold a rich imagination and are even tempered. Usually perfectionists, careful to details, making the perfect detectives. The people that possess this type of nails are really friendly and manage to make friends easily.
  2. Broad sideways nails. Unlike their fellows with long nails, these people are more down to earth. They never act without careful consideration, and are always looking at things from more perspectives. Friends and family enjoy their company, and appreciate them for their loyalty and their advice. They also have the very rare quality of knowing what to say when to say it.
  3. Round shaped nails. People whose nails are round are among the happiest people on earth. They really enjoy themselves and don’t care too much of what others have to say.
  4. Egg shaped or square nails. These are the nails of natural leaders, powerful, ambitious and strong. They work hard to obtain what they are after, and seldom give up. These people deal with stress easily and are really fun to be around at parties and social gatherings.
  5. Triangular nails. Smart, tech-savvy and simply outstanding, these are the qualities the triangular shaped fingernails conceal. These people are really warm and sweet, but can turn out to be pretty firm and decided.

There are two types of triangular nails, depending on the direction of the tip of the nail. Those whose tip of the nail is oriented inside are considered to be very persistent, while the other type are more sensible.

  1. The sword shaped nails. These people are pretty much as a sword, sharp and powerful. They are ambitious and they work hard, they are not easily scared and will go to great lengths to prove their worth.
  2. Almond shaped nails. Dreamy but loyal and very sincere, these people value honesty and the truth. They don’t tolerate arrogant or dishonest people.