The Meaning Of White Spots On Your Nails

You may have noticed more than once some small white spots appearing on your nails. While you may not pay too much attention to them, it is worth noting these spots appear due to some health issues, and you should keep your eye on them.

White spots can appear if you have hit your nails, and if they disappear in time, it could mean nothing, but if you notice them appear more than once, keep on reading.

It is a fact well known these spots are not caused by any vitamin deficiency such as zinc or calcium. They are triggered by liver diseases or low albumin in the blood.

Their medical name is ‘’leukonychia’’ and are very common, but in extreme cases, you should consult a doctor.

There are a few types of leukonychia.

There is total leukonychia, that means the entire nail is covered by a big white spot, and it’s an indicator to very low albumin levels in the blood. This is triggered by a weak protein absorption.

Another cause for these white spots can be antibiotic usage or a genetic disease.

Chemotherapy or herpes are among the most common causes that lead to the apparition of white spots on the nails.

Keep in mind that frequent manicures or pedicures including semi-permanent nail polish can interfere with the nail’s regular composition and may be a cause for the tiny spots, but they disappear once the nail is left free to heal and grow at its normal rate.

Be careful and observe if these spots are not an allergic response to some of the products used during manicures or pedicures. In such cases it is enough to change the product.

If you suspect any liver problems or experience health issues, it is best seeking medical advice that will check your blood and overall health state and then give you a more accurate answer.

Another cause may be a fungal infection, in which case an easy treatment is enough to forget all about the spots.