How Strong Is Your Sperm?

When it comes to fertility and fatherhood, men tend to think they are invincible. Society also contributes to this kind of thoughts, sustaining the idea that only women are more inclined to fertility problems and they have a ticking clock that is controling their chances to conceive.

Thing is, men also have a biological clock, the sperm count and quality diminishes with age, along with his libido. Worse than this, studies link older fatherhood with such complications as lower feritility, higher miscarriage risk and an increased likelihood of autism and bipolar disorder in the offspring.

Do consider freezing your sperm at some point, around the age of 35 as you may find yourself in the situation of needing it later in life. It is a measure that will make you calm and the price tag the peace of mind comes is not that high.

You do need strong sperm and the truth is that the public does not talk about how a man’s diet and health play a role in the quality of his sperm, even at an young age.

Women are constantly educated on smoling, alcohol, diet, vitamins and exercise, while it is the same society’s opinion that men are not affected by any of the above mentioned factors.

In fact, there are some things that done on a daily basis can help you maintain a good sperm count and quality, improving your fertility and taking care of the health of your offsprings.

The upside fact is that lifestyle changes, at any age, can improve male fertility, so don’t be afraid, you can change at any age.

These revelations are rooted in a relatively new field of research, known as epigenetics.

You can even benefit from something called an „epigenetic sperm test” to help men figure out the interplay of sperm and fertility.