How To Get Rid Of Constipation In 60 Seconds

Everybody faced, at least once in a lifetime, the problem of constipation. Each person has their own disposing of food mechanism. Some people go to the bathroom 3 times a day, others sometimes once or twice a week. Whatever your program is, you should know that when you do not go to the bathroom for more than 3 days in a row, it becomes more difficult to go and you have a good chance to get a constipation. Find out how to get rid of constipation in 60 seconds.

Researchers come to the conclusion that the perineum massage is a effective method in getting rid of constipation. What should you do? Sit comfortably on the bed and start massaging this area. The result can be seen in just 60 seconds, but for others it takes more minutes.
The study that came to such conclusions was conducted on a group of 100 people who were confronted with this problem. The participants were divided into two teams: the first team received standard information about the treatment of constipation, and the second group received information about the alternative method of perineal massage. After one month, the researchers saw that the constipation rate for the second group dropped significantly, by about 82 percent. So, instead following a treatment, on long term, the perineum massage is a more effective solution against constipation.

Here are the main causes of constipation:
– medicines containing calcium and aluminum;
– changes in diet and daily activities;
– colon cancer;
– high consumption of dairy products;
– irritable bowel syndrome
– neurological diseases, as is Parkinson’s disease;
– lack of movement;
– excessive use of laxatives;
– pregnancy;
– nervous and muscular diseases of the digestive system;
– voluntarily ignoring the need to go to the bathroom, which often leads to hemorrhoids;
– narcotics, antidepressants, iron-rich pills;
– stress;
– hypothyroidism