Good Reasons to Get the TV Out of Your Bedroom

The TV is one of the factors that keep you up at night, and this is proven by numerous studies. Exposure to the TV light before bedtime stimulates nerves in the brain that control hormones, body temperature and other important functions. According to, exposure to too much light emitted by electronic devices before bedtime prevents you from having a restful sleep. Find out some good reasons to get the TV out of your bedroom.

You will sleep more and better – Although you are not aware of the effects that TV has on the quality of your sleep, these clues will help. How many times didn’t happen to you to see a horror movie and then you dream very badly? Or watch an interesting movie and think about it until morning? Everything we see on TV increases our adrenaline level, so it is extremely difficult for us to fall asleep. However, this doesn’t only depend on the content of the films or broadcasts we see, but also on the light the TV propagates. The TV light affects our circadian rhythm and we’re overwhelming our sleep schedule.

Headaches are ameliorated – Exposure to artificial light makes your eyes tense. This leads to fatigue, migraines and headaches, an inconvenience that stops you from having a restful sleep. You should avoid watching TV or sitting on the phone a few hours before bedtime. If you experience headaches that endanger your sleep quality, try this quick banana tea recipe:

You’ll be much more active – TV + bedroom = extra pounds. We all know this formula. Lack of TV can make you do more exciting activities that will improve your health. So instead of watching two hours on TV every night, you can run into the park or stay with your family.

You will not suffer from depression – Negative feelings and loneliness are more common among those who isolate themselves in front of the TV. If you see happy relationships on TV, it doesn’t mean you can have love and fulfillment in real life as well. Entertainment is nothing else but to give you perfect patterns and to get away from the things that really matter.