Five Communication Mistakes Almost Every Couple Makes

Being in a relationship means lots of communication, it is the key to having a successful and healthy relationship.Still, the strain to communicate effectively often affects the couple and thus a lot of miscommunication can occur. There are a few communications signals the relationship is not moving in the right direction, but they seldom get overlooked because the love is strong and blind.

Critic and quarrels have no place in a healthy relationship, and there are some critical points in communication that should raise red flags and be carefully handled.

  1. A lot of talk does not solve all problems. Pure communication does not solve any issue. Sometimes lots of talk can affect the happiness and destroy relationships. People wrongly assume that communication means connectivity. Women feel that talking solves all problems, but they overlook emotional connectivity. Building a relationship is based on more factors than just having serious talks, it means trust, understanding. Surely, it does make a couple strong but it’s not necessarily the key to success.
  2. Waiting for the partner to guess what is on your mind. People cannot read minds, and sometimes it’s pretty difficult to understand what the other person means even if they use words. It is always best to see if the message reached the other person and they understood it thoroughly. If there is room for interpretation, make things clear by explaining a second and even a third time.
  3. Don’t expect things to happen. Don’t live your life hoping your partner will notice something that is bothering you, or that he will give up a habit to make you happy. Sacrifices and silence are not good for normal relationships. Talk about your expectations and see if your partner is on board with them.
  4. Do compromise. Love is about putting the other person’s happiness on the same level as your own. Stubbornness does not help, nor is it constructive. Healthy communication is about listening to the partner as much as talking to him.
  5. Don’t overlook your partner’s feelings. Many people listen without truly understanding the meaning or the intention of the conversation. Make yourself heard but in a way that will not affect your partner or his feelings. Show empathy and make an effort to understand his point of view.