Choose Your Diet According To Your Body Shape

Have you tried all sorts of diets hoping you would lose weight, yet none of them delivered the promised results? It only means you have never chosen the diet that best suits your body shape. Diets are not universal. They need to be tailored for a specific body shape. Personalize your diet according to your body shape for the best results.

  1. Rectangular silhouette. Even the slim women have their troubling fat areas. The rectangular silhouette is most common for women who don’t have any visible shapes and curves. Their bust and butt are rather small and their waist is not particularly visible.

Such silhouettes risk to have a fat area right around the belly. The fat that is deposited here increases the risk of heart problems, which is why it’s imperative for these women to have a healthy and well balanced diet.

Diet: It is recommended to have a diet rich in healthy fats. The products that are especially good are fish, olive oil, nuts, vegetables, fruits and cereals.

  1. The pear silhouette. Narrow shoulders, well defined waist and very broad hips are the characteristic elements of the pear silhouette. Generally, these people tend to accumulate fat in the lower portion of their body. Specialists advise women to pay special attention to the daily intake of fats. Hamburgers are a no-no for these people.

Diet: To have a well-proportioned body you should consider including cereals, beans, lean meat from chicken as well as fish, fruits and vegetables, in your diet. For the best results you need to pair the diet with sport. Aerobic, jogging and bicycles help you burn all the fat from your hips.

  1. The apple silhouette. These people are rather round and they are the ones for whom losing weight is most difficult. A big intake of carbs favors the apparition of diabetes, which is why it is highly advisable to cut out all the products that don’t bring any good to your diet. Forget all about pastries, fast food, pastas and bread if you want to lose weight.

Diet: Include products that are rich in fibers that keep you feeling full during the day. It’s all about beans, vegetables, cereals, avocados, bananas, strawberry, cranberries, raspberries and sweet potato. You should also limit the quantity of sweets.