Why You Should Consume Carob Powder

Milk chocolate is a drink that is consumed with pleasure not only by children, also by adults. What if you find that there is a replacement for cocoa powder, which is known as having some negative effects for health? It’s about carob powder, a great ingredient with many benefits. Let’s find out more:

Carob powder comes from the fruit of a tree, and properties of this powder are known since antiquity, being named as the “bread of St. John”. The benefits that carob powder consumption for health are amazing, especially that the youngest family members can enjoy it. In addition, it has a pleasant taste, which you will be appreciated by all consumers, regardless of age and food preferences.

A cup of milk with a tablespoon of carob powder will ensure the necessary dose of the calcium needed during the day, but also a good dose of vitamin E. Also, because there is no need to add sugar when you consume this drink, is indicated for people with diabetes, but also for those who hold an alkaline diet, being known that sugar is the cause for increasing acidity in the body and to the proliferation of various bacteria and fungi.

Another thing you should know about carob powder is that it lowers cholesterol level and is a substitute for cocoa. Is it a great ingredient for hypertensive and for children because they should not consume excitatory ingredients for nervous system.

Regular consumption of carob powder helps to decrease the risk of lung cancer and regulate intestinal transit.
Carob powder can be used in various combinations, including mixed with soy milk and cocoa powder, and as a substitute in recipes for cakes.