5 Signs That Your Heart Doesn’t Work Properly

When your heart doesn’t work as it should, the body offers you some precious signals. If you observe them from time, it’s possible to prevent extremely serious conditions. Although most heart diseases are initially hidden, there are ways to find them in a timely manner. Here are some signs that your body gives to you when your heart doesn’t work properly!

1. Pain or discomfort in the heart area. Most people who have suffered heart attacks say they felt as if someone had pulled their heart out of their chest. Sometimes it’s a constant pressure in the chest, and sometimes a pain similar to that of a muscle cramp. If you have these symptoms it’s advisable to call urgency as soon as you can, because you could suffer a heart attack without realizing this.

2. Inability to breathe normally. If any minor activity slows your breathing, you should ask yourself some questions. The best way to figure out if anything has changed in your body is to compare how the body responded to certain activities a year or two a year ago. Do you think you feel tired when you climb the stairs? Do a routine check!

4. Dizziness. It’s one of the most important signs you need to pay attention to, especially if it’s up when you get up.

5. Fatigue and insomnia. Most people who have suffered heart attacks felt very tired a few weeks before this event. Go to your doctor as soon as you feel exhausted without reason!