Eat THESE Foods To Get Rid Of Water Retention

Water retention, also called edema, is caused by the accumulation of excess fluid in body tissues. Water accounts for about 60% of body fluid volume and is distributed differently in blood vessels, lymph vessels and tissues.Diet have an important role in eliminating excess water in the body, favoring the reduction of edema.

Include in your diet foods that have diuretic effect (eliminates excess body fluid) and laxative effect (accelerates intestinal transit). Even if you retain water in your body, you don’t have to reduce your water consumption, especially in the months with high temperatures. Proper hydration will quickly remove water from the body. Due to the high sodium content, it’s preferable to avoid carbonated mineral water. Here is the list of foods that fights against water retention in the body:

Asparagus – It’s one of the most nutritious vegetables. Having diuretics proprieties, helps reduce edema.

Grapefruit – This fruit contributes to the proper functioning the kidney and liver. Grapefruit consumption facilitates the treatment of lymph and burns fat naturally due to its high vitamin C content.

Onion – Onion juice has diuretic properties, stimulates kidney function and increases urine volume. Onion consumed in the raw or boiled state is a natural remedy against swollen feet.

Figs – These fruits have diuretic action but also laxative effect. They have an effective fight against water retention in the body.

Pineapple – is a fiber-rich fruit. It also contains bromelain, an enzyme that favors digestion and fights against water retention.

White meat – Proteins from white meat favor the removal of water from the body. For a variety of sources of protein, it’s recommended to consume poultry meat (chicken, turkey, rate, gang) and fish (cod, salau, hake).

Grapes – Grapes are a rich source of potassium and help to eliminate the excess of water from tissues. They are also rich in fiber and regulate intestinal transit.