Messages Your Nails Could Be Telling You About Your Health

Before choosing a beautiful nail polish, look at your nails. Some signs can reveal you some things about your health, you just have to know how to decipher them.Take a closer look at your nails. What do you see?

Striated- Do you feel bumps on the surface of the nail? It’s very possible to have a vitamin B deficiency. This is important in maintaining an optimal level of muscle and nervous tissue and helps the body metabolize the energy it needs from what you consume.

Concave –  If, viewed from the profile, the nails look like a spoon, you are among 91% of women between 16 and 64 years who suffer from iron deficiency. The solution would be iron supplements, increased consumption of red meat or green leafy vegetables such as lettuce or cabbage. It’s important, however, to find out the cause that has led to iron deficiency in the body. It can be either a stomach ulcer or even worse.

Hollow – Your nails look as if they were hollowed with a pencil or pen tip? This is a sign of a self-immune skin disorder, the disease that causes red spots on the skin or areas of rough skin. Hollow nails are a symptom that affects up to 50% of those suffering from psoriasis and. It’s indicated that you should go to your doctor who could give you a referral to the dermatologist.

Yellow – If your nails have a yellowish color, then it could be a sign that the kidneys doesn’t work the way they should. The yellowish color is caused by an accumulation of toxins, usually eliminated by the kidneys. 40% of people with kidney failure have this nail color. Visit your doctor and take a blood test to check how your kidneys work. If you are a smoker, nicotine may cause yellowing.