What happens when you soak your feet in vinegar water for 30 minutes

Want to try an experiment that gives you very good results in a very short time? Soak your feet in vinegar water for only 30 minutes and you will notice some very interesting things. No, it’s not just about removing the unpleasant smell of your feet, it’s more than that.

Apple vinegar is among foods that are used in the kitchen, but also in health remedies. It is used for cleaning toilets, vessels, sanitary items, dusty things, and also things that have an unpleasant smell. Apple vinegar is also good for brightening the carpet, doorknobs and windows.

In this article we will talk about a health remedy, using vinegar. Keep your feet in water vinegar for 30 minutes and look what the effects are:

1. You will quickly remove the unpleasant smell of your feet. Set your alarm to announce you that in half an hour you should take your feet out of the bowl, without drying them. Leave your feet for a few minutes and then use a soft towel to dry them.

2. Eliminate bacteria that stay on the legs and reduce the risk of foot fungus. If you wash your feet with vinegar, you will have stronger nails and your heels will not crack so often.

3. Apple vinegar helps to regain the softness of the legs. If you walk a lot in one day, your soles will have a dry look. Use this vinegar treatment to refresh your feet.