Tips for toned and firm breasts during pregnancy

Our body is deeply marked by changes during pregnancy. The breasts will not make any exception, being necessary to give them increased care from the first trimester. You can enjoy beautiful and toned breasts even after the breastfeeding period has passed.

Apply on your breasts creams and serums designed to tone and moisturize
By succeeding in creating a daily care ritual, you will support the skin of your breasts to cope better with successive stretches, while preventing stretch marks. It is best to use products with the most natural ingredients, to be sure that they will not cause you irritation, inflammation or allergies.

Start to wear the right bra
Invest in a quality one, which will not only help you to maintain your bust toned during pregnancy, but also to ease the discomfort brought about by the transformations your breasts will undergo.
The criteria for purchasing a proper bra are:
• Make sure it fits you, without being too tight, but also without being too light
• It is important to be able to adjust it as much as possible
• Choose wide straps
• Forget the cups supported by the wires
• Beware of synthetic materials (they don’t allow the skin to breathe)

Don’t forget to wear a special bra during exercise
The increase in the volume of the breasts will require additional support, especially when you exercise. In order not to face discomfort and to make sure that you will also contribute to maintaining the best tone of the bust, always wear a bustier/bra. Just choose some made from quality materials that will let your skin breathe!

Try to do special exercises for the breast area
From the first months of pregnancy you can make this simple exercise, but regularly performed will contribute more than you think to tone the bust.
All you have to do is hold your palms together, keep your elbows and arms raised, pushing your palms until you feel the muscles in your chest tighten. Take a deep breath while doing this, don’t force yourself and, if possible, repeat the exercise 3-5 times a day.

Take care of your body posture
Even though it will be increasingly difficult for you to maintain a correct posture as your pregnancy progresses, it is important to make efforts for the muscles in your chest, back and neck to positively influence your breast tone.

Massage your breasts with natural oils
Experts believe that constant massage with oils such as coconut, cocoa or shea butter will increase the firmness of the breasts, improve the texture of the skin, slowing down the process of accentuated stretch marks.

Breasts care during pregnancy