The reason you should water flowers with sparkling water

There are many great ways to take care of our plants and flowers. One of the best natural fertilizers for plants is sparkling water. Sparkling water, which has lost its acidity, helps flowers grow healthy and have large and abundant flowers.

Another very good natural fertilizer for apartment plants is coffee. It can mix the soil before planting the flowers or simply sprinkle it in pots.

Another natural fertilizer you can do at home is the water in which the vegetables were boiled.

Rich in minerals and nutrients are also banana shells.

A natural disinfecting is onion juice. Onion juice also has huge benefits for flower pots. It has a disinfectant effect. You need 50 grams of onion shell. Leave them to infuse in one liter of water and spray the leaves of the plants with the obtained mixture.

Other good fertilizers are the water in which the rice and pasta were boiled.