The Reason You Should Keep A Mirror Under Your Bed

The tumultuous lifestyle of the 21st century and modern times are calling desperate for some ancient wisdom back in your lives. We find comfort and relaxation in meditation and yoga, as well as ripping of the fruits of acupuncture, but are you paying attention to the wise Feng Shui lessons?

Discover some forgotten words of wisdom that will make your house more appealing and your life full filed!

Feng Shui is a set of rules that speaks about energy flooding the living and work spaces where we spend our days. The energy is influenced by the 5 elements and harmony among them means a harmonious life!

It is a pity we can’t afford hiring someone to decorate our home according to the full Feng Shui rules, but we can borrow some easy and cost free advices that will make a considerable impact on the quality of our lives.

Let’s have a look at our bedrooms, the place where passion meets relaxation and is sometimes threatened by insomnia and nightmares. Our bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in our home.

Feng Shui says the objects that surround the bed are healing and important.

If you transform your under the bed area in a deposit, your life may be ruled by chaos and nightmares.

Avoid the cluster and place a mirror under your bed. According to the Chinese wisdom, the mirror is a powerful tool against insomnia, and placed under your bed will reflect the bed, inducing feelings of relaxation so that you’ll forget about the concealer and dark circles under your eyes in no time!

You can also use the mirror under the bed to assure your kids there are no monsters under his bed and make him believe there is a warrior living in the mirror.

Another thing that you can do for yourself is placing things that relax you under the bed, such as books and pillows.