Parenting tips for moms of girls

This relationship is a very special one, but it is ideal to has limits that offer confidence, stability and support to the child. Then it is very difficult to give advice to mothers of girls because the relationship between mother and daughter can vary in many ways.

Essential is that the mother and daughter stay close, and the mother to make this construction step by step, in order to be solid.

You are not raising a princess but a strong person. Mothers of girls tend to build an ideal world around them. What is essential is to raise your daughter in the real world and make her a person who can cope with all realities.

Feed her self-confidence. It’s the most important component of the relationship between mother and daughter. It is useful to tell her that she is beautiful, but you must prove and instill real values ​​in her.

Too much emphasis on the physical aspect is harmful. Praise her skills, intelligence, power to decide and ambition. And don’t forget that the best advice is your example. Never complain about how you look and always be proud of who you are!

Details about silhouette, diet and the way they look are very important for little girls, from an early age. Keep this topic always up-to-date, so you can understand how important this topic is to your daughter. There are 10-year-old girls who are obsessed with diet, 10-11-year-olds are commenting on women’s websites about diet and weight loss and that is not normal at all.

Tolerate the lack of elegance and the attitude of a boy! Stereotypes lead us to believe that girls should always be delicate and feminine. Wrong! Tolerate the phases of lack of elegance and boyish air. It is most often a protective shield that your girl adopt (especially during puberty and adolescence). It is a form of manifestation of independence.

Give her the freedom to choose, but more importantly, let her learn to choose! As much as you love your daughter, you cannot live her life, you cannot choose and you cannot decide in her place. Don’t criticize her choices. Don’t condemn her if she gives up too easily. It is good to urge her, to show her, but don’t impose some choices, and especially don’t make choices in her place!

Don’t solve her problems. Do it in such a way that she will tell you all the problems she has, but don’t start to solve all her problems for the sake of protection her. A problem, a failure, a difficulty are the most valuable life lessons for your child. And you went through such moments. They are essential for personal experience, so let her fight with them! Watch over her, but let her fight!

Tips for moms of girls