Miraculous Anti-Age Japanese Treatment

Japanese women are popular for their impeccable skin. Not only they have a perfect face, they also seems that never ageing. What is their anti-age secret? In this article you will find out a miraculous anti-age treatment that Japanese  are using to have a perfect and young skin all the time.

Anti-age products are indispensable for women over 25-30 years old. Moreover, they are very expensive. From now on you shouldn’t spend money on anti-age products from the market anymore because I’m sure you will be very pleased by the result. Let’s find out the homemade miraculous recipe:

Miraculous Anti-Age Japanese Treatment 

In order to prevent premature skin ageing, Japanese women are preparing a mask based on rice.

Procedure: Boil 2-3 tablespoons of rice until is soften. Stir the rice and keep the water where you boiled it in a clean recipient. Rinse the boiled rice with water. Mix it with a tablespoon of warm milk, then add a tablespoon of honey and mix again. Apply the obtained mask on the face and neck and leave it to act 30 minutes. Rinse your face with the water where you boiled the rice.

Tips: You can keep the water where you boiled the rice in the fridge for maximum 4 days and you can use it as a toner. You can make ice cubes with this water and massage your face with it.

Repeat this procedure every week and will notice that your skin will become impeccable!

Another great homemade mask based also on rice is mask with rice flour. Mix rice flour with milk and almond oil. These mask will leave your skin soft and beautiful!