How to reduce dust in your home

Unfortunately, there is no definitive solution to the problem of dust, especially if you live in an area with ongoing constructions, where traffic is intense or if the windows and doors don’t close perfectly. But there are some solutions to reduce dust in your home.

Now you wipe it, now it appears again. And if there are people in the house who suffer from asthma or have certain allergies, the problem is more pressing. Though it can not be completely eliminated (you’ll soon see why), you have a few tricks that will help you relax a little about this problem.

Change the bed linen more often
Bed linen is very dusty since dust also means the dead cells from the surface of our skin. And if you have animals, the amount of dust is growing. Shake the blanket, cushion, pillow and pill every morning and change the bed linen once a week or at maximum two weeks.

Free the space
This means that if you have a lot of toys, boxes, magazine stacks, books, dust will gather around them all. A lot of dusty things. It is best to store them in cardboard or plastic boxes (to see their content) with a lid, so that the amount of dust will diminish.

From up to down
Always remove dust from top to bottom, so be sure to remove all of it.

No rugs or carpets
Can’t give up on them? Having carpets and rugs give you a more welcoming, warmer atmosphere for the house? Then assume that you will have to vacuum cleaning them daily or once every two days if you want to have carpets and get rid of dust.

Following these tricks, dust will not represent such a big problem for you. You can set a simple cleaning rule, and every day, wipe the dust from one room.

Tips to reduce dust