How To Make Organic Deodorant At Home

You may have never thought of it subject seriously, but deodorants from the market are extremely dangerous for your health. They contain many chemical ingredients that are rapidly absorbed into the skin, which means they pass into the blood and cause long-term illness and problems. 

Aluminum is one of the most dangerous ingredients, but it’s not the only one. Therefore, it’s advisable to use some natural solutions that doesn’t affect you in any way, and even on the contrary, provide you the necessary care.

You are most likely skeptical when you hear about natural cosmetics, especially when it comes to deodorant. Give a chance to this recipe of organic deodorant and you will completely change your mind.

To prepare the organic deodorant you need the following ingredients:

– 100 grams of baking soda

– 50 ml cocoa butter

– 30 ml of coconut oil

– 10 drops of essential lavender oil

– 5 drops of essential tea tree oil

How to prepare the organic deodorant:

Weigh all the necessary quantities with a kitchen scale. In a heat-resistant dish, mix the cocoa butter and coconut oil and heat them in the microwave until they melt. Coconut oil absorbs very quickly into the skin and leaves no fatty traces, so don’t worry about it. Then add the essential oils and baking soda and mix very well. Store the deodorant in clean and disinfected containers. It will solidify within a few hours (if you feel it’s necessary, put it in the refrigerator after you prepared it). Keep containers in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight.