How to limit the kid’s screen time

The purpose of the technology was to improve our daily lives, but now many of us have become addicted to the smartphone, tablet, computer or TV. The problem is greater if we refer to the children, and the time spent by them in front of the screens.

The effects of technology dependence on children:

  • weight gain or even obesity, but also weight loss;
  • headaches;
  • back or neck pain;
  • redness of the eyes;
  • isolation of other children;
  • lack of social skills;
  • depression;
  • decrease hearing quality if he spends a lot of time with headphones on his ears

Is your child dependent on technology? Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • he is no longer interested in other activities;
  • has “nerve crises” when not allowed to use electronic devices;
  • is irritated or has a poor condition when not using electronic devices;
  • he speaks often about technology or is distracted by it;
  • lyes about the time spent online;
  • ignores homewors

How do you limit the kid’s screen time?

Don’t give him the phone and don’t leave him to spend hours in front of the TV when you need a short break. Every parent needs a little time just for him, but it’s not okay to use technology to get rid some hours of your child.

Make outdoor activities fun. Outdoor activities should be fun for the little one. Buy them rollers or a bicycle, sign up for a sport they are attracted to, go out for nature walks, which will also relax you.

Organize meetings with friends without electronic devices. Talk with the parents of your child’s friends to organize such meetings where the phone or tablet will not be used. Prepare fun activities for them, such as a treasure hunt or a board game depending on their age.

Be a positive example. Children are easily influenced, so take care of your own habits. Find a new hobby, such as painting or reading, go for nature walks or take up sports.

Limit the kid's screen time