How to calm a crying baby

Calming a crying baby can be sometimes very challenging. There are moments when nothing seem to work. Here are some tips to calm a crying baby. One of them should work!

Through rhythmic movements – walking in the arms or other movements performed on the rhythm can calm the child. Do you notice that when you climb the stairs with him in the arms, in the car and even in the elevator, the baby calms down almost instantly?

Use soothing sounds – you can whisper a story in his ear or you can slowly sing to him.
Have you heard of the so-called “white sound” generated by household appliances such as a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, hay or even tap water? All these are similar to what the baby heard for 9 months in the womb of the mother so they will calm him down immediately, even if they seem really annoying.

Massage – When the baby has gas or is constipated, a gentle massage will help him and will give a boost to the intestinal circuit. Thus, you can try by bending his knees toward the tummy, by massaging his back, from your neck to buttocks or to massage his tummy with clockwise movements.

Hold it in your arms in various positions – if his tummy hurts, hold it with the belly down, stretching him on your both arms so that one of your palms press his abdomen.

You can also try the “chair” position, more precisely hold it with the back of the parent’s chest with one arm and hold the other arm on the chest and abdomen of the baby.

You can also hold it on the shoulder so that the abdomen press on the shoulder bone, the baby can easily erupt.

How to calm a crying baby